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Understanding Hot Tapping

Also known as pressure tapping, hot tapping is a method of attaching to a pressurized system, either by having them drilled or cutting, while you don’t remove the pipe or tank from being in use. By and large, with hot tapping, you will be able to avoid much of the costly and potentially dangerous hazards to the environment while at the same time guaranteeing the continued use of these systems. Check out the following for more on the facts you need to know of on hot tapping.

By and large, hot tapping typically refers to the installation of connections to plumbing systems even without interrupting the use of these systems. When looked at in the strict welding concept, it may be considered to be that process that allows for the welding onto equipment that are already in use.

Hot tapping is generally a technique that is commonly used to make repairs to the parts of a plumbing system that has been exposed to mechanical damages such as corrosion and as well for the need to add branches for the sake of the necessary modifications to these systems. And as a matter of fact, there are lots of advantages, economic and environmental, to performing such kinds of welding where you don’t removing the pipes from use.

Even as you ponder hot tapping for your needs, you need to consider the fact that there are some risks that it may come with so as to prevent these kinds of risks. Talking of some of the risks that may come with hot tapping that you need to know of going forward is that risk of burn through, hydrogen cracking and the risk of unstable decomposition of the product that you may have flowing through the plumbing or piping systems. The cases of burn through often result from such incidences where the unmelted area there is below the weld pool is weak as not to be able to contain the internal pressure that lies within the piping systems. Therefore, you need to make sure that the wall has a thickness that will be as good enough to sustain the internal pressure there is within the pipes to avoid the risk of burn through.

The cases of unstable decomposition of the flowing products often result in rather violent reactions in the event that they are subjected to heat and such intense pressure. For you to ensure that such cases or risks of unstable decomposition of the flowing product within the systems, you need to ensure that you have taken all the necessary precautionary measures are taken so as to ensure that the internal temperatures do not exceed or go beyond the critical temperatures which is often dependent on the product that will be flowing therein.

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